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Risk Register

Risk Register

A practical template for identifying and prioritising the risks associated with a project or program. For each risk you define:

  • The risk catagory and short name.
  • Describe the risk using an effective 'risk meta language'. All you ahve to do is 'fill in the gaps'.
  • Prioritise the risk using a powerful qualitative assesment process.
  • Determin the optimum response.
  • The spreadsheet compiles the risk data for transfer into the risk managment plan.
  • The spreadsheet contains a comprehensive 'help' page.

This is a very robust, easy to use tool that ensures that all of the identified risks are effectively managed.

Your spreadsheet will be forwarded by Email. Your credit card will not be charged until we process your order.
GST included price = $44.00 (Ex-tax $40)