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On-Site PM Coaching & Mentoring

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On-site Skills Development

Learning Objectives

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One of Mosaic's trained consultants works with selected project team members either individually, or as an adviser to the overall team, to assist in the acquisition of skills needed for the delivery of successful project outcomes. The structure of each commission is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the client's organisation and people.  The value of an external coach supporting the project team is best described as: 'The project manager’s job is to use the people to build the project. The coach’s job is to use the project to build the people.'  We find this one of the most successful and rewarding parts of our consultancy work that delivers significant, lasting benefits to the mentees and host organisation. Typical assignments include:

In addition to our on-site support and mentoring for organisations, individual working project and program
managers may join Mosaic's personal [Project Management Coaching and Mentoring] scheme.
Skills Development Options
Tutoring Coaching and Mentoring
Every assignment is customised to meet the specific objectives of the organisation and their nominated Proteges (or Mentees)!

The time spent 'on-site' and in providing support to each Protege by the Mosaic Mentor is carefully planned and managed to deliver optimum results. The mentoring assignment may be undertaken on a 'stand-alone' basis or integrated with, and designed to support formal training processes. Mentoring and coaching assignments are lead by Dr. Lynda Bourne, supported by other consultants and trainers as needed.  The service can include face-to-face discussions, telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges. In addition to ongoing advice, areas for attention are identified and discussed at regular (monthly) reviews.
Mosaic's coaching is targeted, and because it is an integrated part of the Protege's work pattern, can deal with specific gaps in experience or areas of concern. Benefits to the organisation and individuals may include:

Mosaic's coaching is tailored to meet the convenience of both parties. Our service is provided for a fixed monthly fee, agreed for a set period, based on a broad assessment of the time required. This method removes inhibitions from making specific requests for advice (i.e. no clock ticking away) and results in better value for money. The service is based on trust that it will not be mis-used, and is subject to periodic review by either party.

To discuss your on-site mentoring requirements, please complete an [Information Request Form]
or simply email your request to:-