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"If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?"
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Organisational Project Management Maturity Model® (OPM3)
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OPM3®, OPM3® ProductSuite and 'Organizational Project Management Maturity Model' are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. registered in the United States and other nations.

OPM3 Overview


The Project Management Institute’s OPM3 standard emphasises the value of organisational project management in the delivery of organisational strategies. The OPM3 standard was updated in December 2008 to align with the new PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition and the updated Program and Portfolio Management Standards (2nd Edition).

PMI has established a system to conduct detailed OPM3 assessments and to work to identify an improvement program using a robust tool, the OPM3 ProductSuite

PMI Research Proves the Value of PM

Research sponsored by PMI has clearly demonstrated the link between implementing good project management practice and a solid ROI:

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Solid Proof

OPM3 delivers the resources needed to develop effective project, program and portfolio management in your organisation.  Download the casestudies:
  -  Pinellas County IT
  -  Savannah River Site
  -  AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies
OPM3 Flows

OPM3 provides the knowledge framework and assessment capabilities to identify areas of improvement in an organisations capabilities to manage its portfolio of projects and programs, focus in key areas of improvement in the management of projects, programs and portfolios and plan the required improvements.  Given most organisations use projects to improve their operational capabilities, the improvements in its ability to deliver projects efficiently will flow through to improved business results.  After the initial improvement activities are completed (usually a significant 'change project in their own right), the extent of improvement can be measured and where appropriate the next round of improvements planned.

Organisations that have conducted these improvement programs note benefits such as:
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OPM3 ... Translate Strategy into Success … Drive Business Improvement … Gain a Competitive Advantage!

All organisations will benefit from achieving organizational project management maturity. OPM3 is a standard unlike other contemporary maturity models:

  • OPM3 helps organizations understand organizational project management and their organizational project management maturity.  It enables them to assess the current state of their organizational project management maturity, and, if they choose, to embark upon improvements that will enable them to better manage projects and achieve organizational strategies.   

  • OPM3 is also a tool to help organisations select and deliver the right projects to achieve their strategic objectives. It works to ensure Portfolios and Programs are aligned with the organisations strategic objectives and individual projects fit within the relevant program objectives. OPM3 also provides an effective mechanism for ensuring the consistent and reliable delivery of individual projects across the organisation.

OPM3 was developed under the stewardship of PMI by hundreds of volunteers worldwide with a keen interest in advancing the project management profession. The CD-ROM and book combination offers a comprehensive approach helping organizations to assess and develop their ability to deliver projects successfully, consistently and predictably. The package includes customisable templates, best practice process descriptions, questionnaires, methodologies and check lists that allow organisations to assess their current level of 'Organizational Project Management Maturity', identify areas for improvement, develop and implement improvement plans and measure their overall effectiveness.

OPM3 offers the key to organizational project management maturity with three interlocking elements:

  • KNOWLEDGE element which drives Assessment

  • ASSESSMENT element which in turn drives Improvement

  • IMPROVEMENT element.

The KNOWLEDGE element lets organizations uncover hundreds of Best Practices and shows them how to use the information available in OPM3.

The self ASSESSMENT element is an interactive database tool that lets organizations evaluate their current situation and identify their areas in need of improvement should an organization decided to embark on the path to higher maturity.

The IMPROVEMENT element will help map out the steps needed to achieve their goals.

OPM3 will help organizations align their strategic goals to the successful completion of projects and understand their organizational project management maturity. More importantly, for organizations, that desire to improve their organizational project management maturity, OPM3 provides guidance to help plan projects to improve maturity while conserving resources.

An Executive’s Guide to OPM3 is now available! This five-page, easy-to-read summary about PMI’s newest standard was designed and written with the busy executive in mind. It encapsulates OPM3 at a high level but includes enough detail for the interested reader to understand OPM3’s potential benefits to an organisation. PMI's one page OPM3 Highlights is ideal for distribution.

OPM3: Assessment using PMI’s Organizational Project Management Maturity Model


Released in December 2003, Updated in 2008 and 2013. OPM3 products now available from PMI USA include:

* OPM3 Knowledge Foundation

Free publications include:-

* Executive's Guide to OPM3 (six pages) [Download PDF]

* OPM3 Highlights (one page) [Download PDF]

* OPM3 Case Study

  • Pinellas County IT Turns Around Performance and Customer confidence [Download PDF]

OPM3 was developed by an international team of PMI volunteers that included Mosaic's Director of Professional Development Lynda Bourne and Patrick Weaver. Some of the key benefits of using OPM3 include:

  • OPM3 helps your organization identify and deliver the right projects to advance its strategy.  
  • With OPM3, you will use organisational inputs to align projects across operations and select only the projects that will deliver business results.
  • Improved project performance and return on investment with OPM3. OPM3 isolates process improvements while forcing organizations to consider external pressures increasing operational and organizational efficiency. 
  • Experience a shift in thinking that will position your organization for immediate gains and long-term success. OPM3 helps your organization align its strategy with the projects that sustain business success. 
  • Through a comprehensive collection of best practices, OPM3 guides your organization on when to stay the course and when to change direction. 
  • OPM3 mitigates operating costs by keeping projects aligned to business strategy. 
  • Scalable by both size and maturity, OPM3’s diagnostic capabilities can guide any organization to improved performance.  

Mosaic's OPM3 Papers, and Links:-

Additional OPM3 information:

OPM3, CMMI and P3M3

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There are three well defined ‘maturity models’ internationally available, which is the most appropriate to use?
Dr. Lynda Bourne and Angela Tuffley's paper Modelling Your Maturity, P3M3, CMMI and/or OPM3 compares and contrasts the three standards and identify their strengths and weaknesses [ Download the Paper ]

OPM3 and CMMI Collaboration
Maturity models provide a mechanism to assess organizations against best practices, identify gaps and create improvement plans. The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) are two well-established maturity models that address sustainable performance improvements.

Review the Summary report: OPTIMIZED STRATEGY - The benefits of combining OPM3® and CMMI to support organizational performance improvements [Download summary].

Or the detailed report 'Collaborative Opportunities for Using OPM3® and CMMI®' prepared by Tom Keuten PMP and Tim MacFadyen PMP [Download report].

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