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Mosaic Company Profile & Policies

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that is the way to bet.
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Company Policies
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Mosaic is an Australian business servicing:
The world with our Mentored Email™ Training;
SE Asia & Australia with our classroom training;
Australia with our on-site Consultancy and Mentoring.

We also support and promote the:
Circle® Methodology and tool set;
® Stakeholder Relationship Maturity Model.

Mission Statement
Quality Policy
Training Guarantee  &  Course Fee Refund Policy
Employment Policy
Environment Protection Policy
Privacy Policy
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Mosaic will be a recognised leader in the effective application of project management training, systems and processes to the overall benefit of society.

[ See listing of known press articles, magazine and journal publications ]

Mission Statement

Mosaic will seek to enhance the success of its clients by working with them to improve their project management capabilities. Our services will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual client and project in the most cost effective manner.

Mosaic's services will use recognised conventions, standards and quality procedures to facilitate successful outcomes. Success will be achieved by enhancing and supporting the capability of our clients to plan, schedule, manage, monitor and control (at the appropriate level of detail) project and system related processes to generate value.

Quality Policy

Mosaic will consistently strive to deliver effective project management training and services, that conform to recognised conventions and (where appropriate) standards. The assessment of the effectiveness of any particular training or service will be made solely from the clients perspective and will take into account the clients level of sophistication, operational requirements and intended methods of working. Mosaic recognises that to achieve optimum effectiveness, each solution must be structured realistically, delivered within an agreed time and cost framework and (where appropriate) be designed to operate profitably within the clients unique corporate culture.

To achieve these objectives, Mosaic will develop, market and support a select range of project management training courses backed by sound methodologies and a network of professional consultants committed to delivering quality outcomes consistent with this policy.

Training Guarantee

Mosaic guarantees to work with each trainee who has purchased an exam preparation course until they pass their examination*. 

This guarantee is conditional on the trainee making reasonable efforts to comply with any recommendations and suggestions made by Mosaic’s trainers. Whilst there will be no charge for Mosaic’s ‘support until you pass’; Mosaic will not pay for examination re-sit fees or any other associated costs and expenses incurred by the trainee.
*Note: PMI change and update their examiations at regular intervals (at least once every 4 years), this guarantee does not apply if a person has simply neglected to take the examination they were trained for. However, where an examination change occurs after a person has failed an examination and before they can reasonably re-sit the 'old exam', the guarantee will apply to the provision of support based on the new examination requirements (subject to Moasic having developed new materials).


Training Course Fee Refund Policy

A full refund of all course fees paid for any classroom course offered by Mosaic will be made on request, provided the witdrawl of the trainee from the course is advised to Mosaic, by the trainee, 14 days (2 weeks) prior to the commencement of the course. There is no entitlement to a refund for cancellations made within 14 days of the course commencement, however, consideration of a partial refund or transfer to another course will be given in the event of exceptional circumstances; any such consideration will be at the sole discretion of Mosaic's management. 

If any course is cancelled by Mosaic, or the scheduled dates are changed. Trainees will be offered the option of a full refund or re-booking into a similar course at a date of thier choosing (including the re-scheduled course if appropriate).

There will be no refund of course fees paid for Mentored Email™ and other similar one-on-one courses except in the most unusual circumstances or if Mosaic is unable to continue to provide the course for any reason.


Employment Policy

Mosaic is an equal opportunity employer. Without compromising the quality of our services, we will at all times seek to :-

  1. Provide equal opportunities to all people, regardless of age, sex, race or religion to participate in or work on our projects.

  2. Comply with all aspects of the law in respect of discrimination.

  3. Be aware of the potential for assisting disadvantaged groups when seeking to employ staff or obtain assistance from contractors.

  4. Comply with all relevant occupational health and safety requirements applicable to the location of each workplace, service delivery or training course.

Environment Protection Policy

Mosaic will seek to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. Without compromising the quality of our services, we will at all times seek to :-

  1. Recycle paper and other consumables.

  2. Use electronic communication systems in preference to hard copy.

  3. Minimise the consumption of fuel, power and other resources.

  4. Be aware of the potential for improved environmental outcomes when appraising clients projects and make recommendations appropriate to the scope of our brief.

Privacy Policy

Visitors to this site

Protecting your privacy and your personal information is an important aspect of the way Mosaic Project Services creates, organises and implements our activities on-line and off-line. Our privacy policy supports and endorses the national privacy regime.

We will only collect personal information from you with your prior knowledge and consent. You can access our website home page and browse our site without disclosing personal information.

Other than the separately hosted web-shop, this site does not use 'cookies' in any form and only collects general statistical data in respect of site users, visits and data transfers. This information is used solely for the purpose of monitoring site performance and planning and implementing developments. Only aggregate data will be disclosed to third parties. Data collected by the web-shop is minimised and used solely for processing your current purchase.

We will only use personal information provided by you for the purposes for which it was collected. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party. We ensure that your personal information will not be disclosed to any State institutions and authorities except if required by law or other regulation.

We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the personal information that we have under our control from: unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss. We will remove personal information from our system where it is no longer required (except where archiving is required).

Mosaic's Clients Confidential, Private and Personal Information

Protecting our clients privacy and their confidential information is an important aspect of the way Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd creates, organises and implements its activities on-line and off-line. Our privacy policy supports and endorses the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). 

We will only collect confidential, private and/or personal information from our clients with their prior knowledge and consent.The information collected will be limited to the minimum needed to accurately record the training activities undertaken by clients and/or to process and ship any goods or services purchased. All such information will be provided by the client directly.

The information displayed on our website and used in our training materials is of a commercial nature only and has either been obtained from public sources or from our clients directly. Where personal names (and other details) are displayed or used, these details have been provided by the business or person concerned for the purpose of display and can be changed or removed at any time.

We will only use confidential, private and/or personal information provided by our clients for the purposes for which it was collected.We will not use the information provided other than for the purposes outlined above and for other business related communications  We will not disclose confidential and/or personal information to any third party without proper consent.  We do not disclose or store information overseas.

We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the confidential and/or personal information that we have under our control from: unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss. We will remove confidential and/or personal information from our system where it is no longer required (except where archiving is required).

Any enquiry or complaint regarding information held by Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd, or its use,  may be made via any of our ‘contact us’ options

Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd


Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd is a specialist 'Project Management' company with over 25 years of practical experience gained working with clients in three continents [view history]. Mosaic's unique range of skills have assisted clients to deliver $ Billions of projects On Time and On Budget and more importantly, to the satisfaction of their stakeholders [view project list].

Our systems and services enhance the ability of business to harness the skills of their staff to, plan and track projects, spot new opportunities and reshape their business; to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations and seize the competitive advantage. We achieve this by delivering the appropriate combination of skills, training, support and methodology needed to enhance our client's project governance and delivery capabilities and develop the framework within which people can combine their talents and work towards achieving common goals.

Over the last decade, our focus has shifted to knowledge development and training in four key areas:

Mosaic's services are scaled to meet the individual needs of each client. They choose the degree of assistance and level of sophistication required from the Mosaic team based on their specific requirements. Current and former clients include:

  • ICT Organisations
  • Software Developers
  • Major Engineering and Infrastructure Contractors
  • Government Departments: Federal, State and Local
  • Armed Services & Defence Contractors
  • High-Tech & Aerospace Companies
  • Small & Large Construction Firms
  • Individual & Professional Consultancies.
[ View Mosaic's client list ]

Mosaic can help balance the load


The delivery of Mosaic's services is managed through a combination of staff, contractors and allied businesses. The flexibility and depth of resources generated by this structure allows Mosaic (and our associated business partners) to meet the project needs of both large and small clients in a cost effective and efficient way.

Many of the key business relationships within the Mosaic team and its associated network have lasted more than 20 years and are still delivering value to our clients on multiple projects around Australia.

Dartnell Grant and Associates Pty Ltd contribute key planning and project management software capabilities to the Mosaic team.

Stakeholder Circle
Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd is responsible for the worldwide sale and support of the Stakeholder Circle software tool.

Weaving Solutions Pty Ltd Strategic advice, planning and project controls, forensic delay claims and dispute resolution, project management.

GBA Projects contribute key planning and dispute management capabilities in South Australia and nationally.

Fallon Project Management Pty Ltd (ACT). Developers of the VIPER and FleetOPS systems for aircraft maintenance.
Microplanner Micro Planning International Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (“MPI”) - the Asia Pacific partner of Micro Planning International group.  Sales, support and training for Micro Planner X-Pert and Manager.
Adams Consultants (North Vancouver) are leading international project quality advisors.
Michael Jack Consulting Pty Ltd Specialists in project controls for IT and defence projects, EPM systems and PMOs.

The effectiveness of the Mosaic team can be judged by the diverse range and size of our clients and the projects we have helped deliver.

[View list of current and former Clients and Projects]

Mosaic's Services

Mosaic's business is dedicated to making our clients projects function effectively. We only consider ourselves successful when our clients are bringing their projects in 'On Time, On Budget and to the satisfaction of their stakeholders'. Mosaic's corporate Mission Statement has guided our development towards this objective since 1985 [view history].

Mosaic's trainers conduct a wide range of courses focused on PMI's range of credentials, basic and advanced project management techniques, effective methodologies (Stakeholder Circle, OPM3, Scheduling, etc) and effective planning using a range of software tools. Full details of our courses are in the Training section of this web site together with a complete listing of all public courses

Our on-site consultancy services are designed to provide value added support to our clients in-house project teams. The level of assistance offered by Mosaic's consultants is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client. For additional information, visit our Consultancy page.

Dispute Management
Unfortunately projects occasionally run into problems. Mosaic can assist with claims preparation, assessment and management, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, adjudication and arbitration services, The key focus of our efforts is always to achieve an outcome that is the least damaging to our client. For additional information, visit our ADR and Dispute Management Services page.


Mosaic - The Logical Choice for People and Skills

Mosaic Project Services' Contact Details

Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd  View Live

13 Martin Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia    
Telephone +613 9696 8684
Facsimile +613 9686 1404 (see: Fax policy)

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